The Quantum Molecular Resonance® technology was developed from Eng. Gianantonio Pozzato, co-founder of Telea.
It is based on the discovery that it is possible to transfer electrical energy to the biological tissue by using a well defined spectrum of high frequency fields, without inducing a temperature rise, save for a negligible quantity.
This is possible as long as the spectrum of frequencies meets certain characteristics, that is, it must be in Quantum Molecular Resonance®.

Such a specific spectrum of frequencies has been patented by Telea and it is today applied in a wide range of medical devices, concerning both Surgery (through the product lines Vesalius, Quantum and Essential), and Regenerative Medicine, which includes Physiotherapy (Q-Physio) and Aesthetic Medicine (Rexon-age 2).

Vesalius, Quantum and Essential allow the surgeons to operate while it is greatly reduced the thermal damage on the surrounding tissues, differently from the more traditional electro and radiosurgery generators.
This advantage is particularly appreciated on those surgeries where it is of utmost importance being delicate and minimally invasive.

Q-Physio and Rexon-age 2 use instead the QMR electrical fields for a therapeutic end. It consists in inducing a stimulation of cellular metabolism which leads to the regeneration of soft tissues. To date, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine are two main fields on which the application of our technology has proved particularly effective and reliable.